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Morning One. Up Before The Sunrise.

Day one of my morning workout routine is in the bag. You may be thinking .. why so solemn? Where’s the excitement, the pride, the pat on the back for a job well done!? Can I at least get an exclamation point?! For those of you out there reading this, hoping to glean a however small amount of hope from my process, I am here to tell you that rest assured, under the solemn tone is pride. There was plenty of pride for having completed day one as I walked back through the front door from the gym, greeted by a very confused pup. ‘I know girl, I’m not quite sure what I’m doing either’ is all I could think. What I was sure of though, is that I  certainly enjoyed the satisfaction of sweating myself awake, and I am pretty sure the pup (Abbey) enjoyed the extra morning lovin’. Ok, so already, two positives – not bad, it was only 7am!

So what’s up with the solemness? Great question. Three words (well, technically four, for you red marker fans out there – you know who you are), ‘it’s day one.’ There is a long road of habit forming ahead of me, and plenty of future opportunities for excitement and basking in my success. Right now, it is time to reflect on my morning and make adjustments to my new routine, because I really need for this to become a habit!

So, what do I know about setting myself up for success? Think brain .. I did not take all of those leadership management classes for nothing. I have learned that to become a truly great leader, you need to be able to help others to realize their potential. In order to help others realize their potential, you need to be able to provide them with a series of challenging, yet attainable goals – and then set them up for success. Seems pretty applicable to my current situation. I have to become my own leader .. I can do this .. no problem. I will just break it down …

Step 1 Evaluate Day One

Recount:  The alarm went off at 6am, I hit snooze .. twice and uttered out loud the words, “I really don’t want to do this.” I was dangerously close to not getting up, and it was only day one! Dragged myself to my closet, changed and headed out. Found an empty gym (which translates to serene) which allowed for my choice of machines, temperature, and TV channel (I opted for Little People Big World – I’m a sucker for that show!). Optimized my workout because I knew I was on a schedule. Made it to work early, not just on time, ready to go, and not toting my workout bag along!

Challenges:  For every excuse I had to NOT work out in the evenings, I realized I will be able to come up with an equal number of excuses as to why I will not work out in the mornings. The snooze button on an alarm clock is the devil. I need 7 hours of sleep to be a fully functioning human being. I don’t want to feel rushed for my workout.

Solutions:  It is probably not the best way to try to make positive changes when I allow the first words out of my mouth to be “I really don’t want to do this.” In addition, it is not exactly the best mental start to a day. So I will be cognizant of the words I think and speak, and find a motivational phrase to utter in replacement. The blogger(s) who posted about moving the alarm clock out of reach were dead on. I will move the alarm clock to the opposite side of the bedroom so that I have to get up to turn it off. I will set the alarm for 6:00am so that I am assured adequate time to workout, reducing the odds that I will feel rushed. As a preemptive strike, I know myself well enough to know that having to get up to turn off the alarm will annoy me, but what will be worse is the horrid sound of my current alarm clock going off UNTIL it gets shut off. So, I will find an alarm clock that includes a variety of tunes and tones that will facilitate a much more calming wake-up.  Lastly, I will make sure that I am getting 7 hours of sleep (it seems to be my magic number) the nights before my morning workouts.

Reflection:  The best feeling that has come from day one of working out in the morning, is that I own my evening. The time is mine to do with it what I want. THAT, to me, is the biggest indicator that this may be a lifestyle change that I could get used to, and maybe, with a little time, even grow to love.

Step 2 Evaluate the Changes … stay tuned!

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3 thoughts on “Morning One. Up Before The Sunrise.

  1. Hello, my friend ALice sent me your blog link b/c lik you I started working out in the morning. It has been three months for me now getting up at 5am, M – F. Thank God I have a co-worker/friend and she meets me there. So much easier for me. It is stil hard for me to get up but I just do it b/c I know I want to reach my gtoals. Thank you for sharimg!

    Posted by Tina | May 24, 2012, 2:38 pm
    • Nice to meet you Tina! 5 days a week, that impresses me beyond belief! I still need the “break” in between, and as I’ve explained it, I feel like it’s Christmas Eve on those days that I don’t have to wake up to work out the next morning! But it’s crazy how the desire to actually do it more frequently is creeping in. Good luck to you, it sounds as if you will indeed reach your goals!

      Posted by Nikki | May 24, 2012, 8:50 pm


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