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This one goes out to my Indy mini runners.

Here’s the thing – I think running is an amazingly healthy pastime, and there is a large portion of me that deeply admires those of you out there that have latched onto it as such. I see those in my life that I’m close to gear up and head out for a run, and I think to myself .. how in the world do they do this?? I hate every second of my life when I’m running. Literally. In fact, those times that I run and am actively hating it the most, I run the furthest and fastest! But I know it’s only because I’m SO distracted saying over and over again to myself, “why in the WORLD am I doing this??” that I don’t realize time has ticked on by. My runner’s high comes after I’m done running .. not as I’m having the infamous stare down with that landmark in the distance that just does NOT seem to be getting smaller.

That being said – there are some people in my life running the Indy Mini tomorrow and I wanted to take a minute to break down my thoughts on the topic via the wonderfully hilarious someecards!

Since I’ve heard just about everyday what the potential weather for the day of the Mini might be, I believe it’s safe enough to say that it appears the weather will be pretty close to as awesome as it gets for a race! Good thing too because …

Running Weather

I’ve watched my loved ones train for this thing since it was cold out. Although, I am in Indiana so that’s not quite an accurate description .. I’m pretty sure it was what would be considered cold, just last week. But the point is I have watched these dedicated souls week after week tackle the mental and physical challenges associated with training for the Mini. I’ve watched as they have surpassed previous best times, most mentally successful runs, time gone without injury, and have bettered themselves every week and challenged themselves more and more every weekend. It’s inspirational to say the least. Because  ….

Running for life

But unfortunately – not all of those I’ve watched train have made it to the end of the training series unscathed. My brother, a serious running champ, has experienced an injury and won’t be participating in the Mini this year. I know it’s a giant bummer for him, and wish that I could transfer him my calf for the day so he could run it, but I’m afraid it would not be of much help, since …

Running Judging

I’m pretty sure the difference in our calf muscles would send his body into a perpetual circle. That being said, when all of you are on the verge of hating your life, just trying to make it through the dreaded track without walking, just remember that poor Brett is sitting this one out and know that THIS probably closely resembles his current thought process …

Running Injury

I usually have my race-time finish line posse with me to assist me in looking for my favs as they get close to crossing the finish line. I’ll miss the posse, especially since during races that I’m not participating it helps me feel less like a bump on a log when there are others there that I can say, “hey I just want you to know that …”

Running disinterest

But I can’t say that I never run. Every once in a while I get a bug up my butt and decide it really can’t be as bad as I make it out to be in my head, and either start preparing for a 5K, or a relay marathon (hopeful that this isn’t what the relay scenario will turn out to be) ….


And so I “train” and run, and am always glad that I did it once it’s over (especially since it gives me free license to eat donuts guilt free). As a matter of fact, I took the day off of work today, and …

Running Cupcake

What actually happened was, I went to the gym, got on the treadmill and …

Running Thighs

Ok, that didn’t really happen .. because I didn’t run! You see, funny enough, ever since I started running, my knee has been in anything but it’s tip-top shape, so I sat my butt on the bike, pretending I was the person in front of me running on the treadmill at mach speeds. All the while thinking, damn, …

Running relay

So let’s be honest, it’s pretty safe to say that as a general rule, I may have the snazzy shoes, but …

Running Chasing

So instead, I just continue to admire those that do, and accept that I keep giving it a good faith effort, but time and time again I realize that at some point I just have to give in, because …

Running Wine

I’m not a runner. But I love the heck out of those in my life that are. And because of that, I will be lining myself up dutifully at the finish line of the 2013 Indianapolis Mini Marathon (not fearful, fyi, but full of pride and excitement), so see those amazingly awesome faces as they’re about to cross the finish line because …

Running Finishline

I’ll be waiting patiently awaiting the arrival of each of them, and having a chuckle from time to time at the thought that I’m sure at some point during the race, this very thought will cross each one of their minds …

Running Fart

My love to all of you. I will be sending you strength and positive vibes for a swift, safe, and enjoyable 13.1 miles (shit that even sounds long! you people are crazy!). But more than anything, I’m wishing you …

Running Shitting

You are all my heroes – all sarcasm aside, and I couldn’t be more proud of the dedication that you bring to this family and to my life! This one goes out to all of you!!


2 thoughts on “This one goes out to my Indy mini runners.

  1. Nicole, where do you come up with this stuff? You had me smiling from the beginning to end!! As a former runner who really loved running, even in the snow and ice, I can still understand your monologue as one who despises running. It would be different if you hadn’t given it a good effort…. but you have. So the best thing for you is to sit on your recumbent bike and enjoy the hell out it. Because as a form of exercise, that is one that I despise the most!! But give me the real deal — a 13-mile bike ride along the water and that’s my high! I love you and I love that you share your insights with us — usually very, very inspiring and at the very least, thought-provoking!!!

    Posted by Karen Montembeault | May 6, 2013, 1:54 pm
    • Ha ha well I have had lots of opportunity to learn that I do in fact, hate the sport! More importantly lately, my body hates the sport and the sport seems to despise my body! Good thing a know a good PT individual to help me along! Gotta love the internet these days – you have an idea, and there’s NO way that you can’t find something in a little google that will allow you to run with it! Thank you for the compliments, they’re always welcome :)

      Posted by Nikki | May 7, 2013, 12:29 pm

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